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A Southern Elegant Estate

Our award winning builders, Michael Allen Homes and Hooper Homes, in conjunction with JL Real Estate Group, bring you a rare opportunity to redefine "home" with grand estate lots and homes designed to fit your personal style. 


Quail Chase is more than a community; it's a timeless destination for families to gather, holidays to be celebrated, and memories to be made. Beginning with 19 estate lots, located in Auburn, AL, Quail Chase is an oasis of serenity amidst today's busy life. Lots are available to purchase, and we will customize plans while walking you through the journey of building your dream home.

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Meet with our team in office or on site for a top down discussion of our lots, plans, and pricing. During this meeting we can answer any and all questions about the community while learning more about your vision for your future home.

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With your lot choice in mind, we will work towards a floor plan design. Choose from one of our stock plans for inspiration, or we can draw fully customized plans. We will then determine appropriate pricing parameters based on your expectations for finishes.

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Construction begins! Meet our entire team beforehand to review the final proposal and plan. Our designer will help you choose all of your selections and finishes to cater to your specific style.

Our Process

With milestone meetings periodically throughout the construction process, we focus on making sure you understand the inner workings of your home from start to finish. And by developing a solid plan up front, we create a seamless timeline for the completion of your dream home. 


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Jenifer Lovvorn, Realtor®

Located on Mrs. James Rd. in Auburn, AL! 

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